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Rethinking B2B payments

Improve the purchase experience for your customers and simplify your transaction management.

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The future of digital B2B sales

By starting from a B2B perspective we have the flexibility to optimize every aspect of the purchase experience. Pre, during and post purchase. We challenge every click!

Expand your customer groups

With multiple payment methods all customers will be able to complete their purchases at checkout.

Improve security

Adjust the security layer of your checkout for different transactions.

B2B all the way

With a 100% B2B focus we can provide the best experience for all parts without compromises.

Adjustable security

We make the purchase easy and secure for both sellers and buyers with identity verification. You can Influence what level of security you want on different transactions, maybe you find sales of certain goods more fraudulent than others - in that case, increase the security on those transactions with Ledyer.

User friendly

Ledyer helps your customers complete the purchase by supporting them through the process. With our network, we know where the customer wants their goods delivered, their invoice sent and what type of invoice they prefer. By cutting down on manual inputs from the customer we make the purchase happen in a few clicks.